Show employee appreciation with a break room redesign in Detroit

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Showing appreciation to your Detroit employees is key to your company culture and office morale. While a simple “thank you” can go a long way with employees, companies are going the extra mile to ensure their well-being and increase employee engagement.

The ways to show employee appreciation are endless, from a simple thank you to an award presented at a company meeting. But there are other ways to show appreciation to all your employees all the time. And redesigning your Detroit breakroom is a great way to show gratitude with impact.


Employees want a quality coffee experience. Why not bring the coffee shop experience right to your workplace break room? Creating a coffee shop experience with a variety of coffee options, including single-cup brewers and specialty coffee blends is a great way to make the daily grind a little more convenient and enjoyable.


An investment in someone’s health is one of the most meaningful employee appreciation gifts you can give. Upgrade your vending service with a custom Detroit micro-market from American Vending. It offers a variety of healthy options, and you can share the cost with employees for the refreshments they choose. It’s a great way to show your employees their overall health is important to you. Plus, they get to enjoy all or some products at a reduced price.

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The takeaway from this is that employees like to be appreciated. The feeling of being valued can be an even bigger motivator than money. So, providing quality coffee and healthy options in your Detroit break room is an incredibly positive force in your workplace. Its powers extend beyond productivity– it brings genuine happiness to employees and shows your appreciation to them!

Say thank you to employees while boosting their engagement with a custom break room solution from American Vending. Get in touch with us today at 248-935-1844 or here.

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