Metro Detroit Area Break Room Additions

Breakrooms in Warren Detroit

Great-tasting food, cold drinks, and coffee are a must in any break room. But, did you know that there are several other things that every Metro Detroit Area break room should have?

Consider some perks that can turn a bare-bones space into a break room that your employees will want to visit daily. They will appreciate the gesture of providing onsite refreshments right in the office.

The Break Room Space

A break room should not only be a separate space from the rest of the workplace, but it should also feel different. Let’s look at two important components.


Offer multiple types of seating that encourage conversation, a coffee or meal break, or a few minutes of relaxation. That might include different areas with sofas, tables and chairs, booths or even a lounge chair or two. And don’t forget to offer easily accessible outlets or charging stations as you’ll want to make sure your employees are fully charged when using modern vending machines with touchless technology controlled by their phone.

Break Room Décor

breakroom Warren Detroit

Lack of color or bland colors have been shown to make people feel sad or gloomy, and that is especially true at work where access to the outdoors can be limited. Yellows evoke friendliness and cheer while blues and greens create a sense of peace and tranquility. One word of caution; before running to the paint store, remember that colors affect people differently.

To make your break room more appealing and relaxing, add natural lighting and décor such as plants, wood, or water. Plants are especially functional as they help clean the office air too.

Small additions or changes in your Metro Detroit Area break room can make a big difference. But you don’t have to do it alone. We can help. For more information about our vending services or to update your current space or menu, please call American Vending at 248-935-1844.

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