Reasons to Provide Free Coffee at Your Metro Detroit Area Workplace

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There are few things a hard-working employee loves more than that first sip of coffee in the morning. But if the employee’s company does not provide an office coffee service, it can be hard to squeeze in enough time to brew or pick up a cup, especially in the Metro Detroit Area. This leads to a less satisfying workday for your employees, and in turn, a less productive one.

Considering that coffee is a daily necessity for many Americans, a growing number of businesses are adding free coffee products into their break room. Not convinced to do this yet? Here are three reasons you should provide free coffee at your company’s workplace.

Promotes Collaboration and Socialization Between Employees

Metro Detroit Area Office Coffee Service | Refreshment Solutions | Cup of Joe | Office Productivity

Having a great workplace culture is an increasingly important aspect of building a successful company. Providing refreshing drinks and coffee for your employees is a part of that.

Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the break room with co-workers can help new employees feel welcomed, break down the social barriers of stiff working relationships. Workers can then relax and chat away from their desks and get their much-needed breaks. Additionally, socializing and becoming comfortable with other employees can lead to fantastic collaborations and ideas for future company projects.

Increases Company Moral

The best employees are ones who believe in and feel respected by the company they are working for. Implementing an office coffee service is a simple yet effective way to provide your workers with an added benefit. Also, it shows how much you care about their wellbeing at the office. A cup of coffee can go a long way, as work perks like this often help retain employees long-term.

If you are looking for an office coffee service in the Metro Detroit Area, American Vending is the first place you should turn. We inspire positive workplace environments through our corporate coffee products and services, therefore helping to keep your workers happy and your business thriving.

Makes Break Times More Efficient

Having a space for employees to stretch their legs and sip on an energy-boosting cup of coffee or tea is an excellent way to keep them efficient and on track throughout the day. In fact, taking small breaks throughout the day is necessary for increased productivity! In addition, workers will not be wasting extra time leaving the office to head to the nearest coffee shop in the Metro Detroit Area. They can get their afternoon pick-me-up for free just a few steps from their desk.

At American Vending, we pride ourselves on providing delicious coffee products at affordable prices for companies in the Metro Detroit Area, so your employees are sure to be satisfied and efficient all day long.

Are you ready to get the coffee brewing in your company break room now? Head to American Vending and call 248-935-1844 to learn more about our office coffee services!

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