Three unexpected business benefits of Metro Detroit office coffee service

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The scent of freshly brewed coffee is enough to brighten anyone’s mood. Yet, bringing an office coffee service to your Metro Detroit break room does more than lift your team’s spirits. Offering your staff coffee is advantageous for many reasons. Some of the benefits may even come as a surprise! Here are three unexpected business benefits of providing healthy coffee in the workplace:

1. Facilitates Collaboration

When your team gets along well, they’re more likely to work together. Creating a positive workplace environment is as simple as adding a coffee station to your Metro Detroit break room. A coffee break provides a great space for sharing information. By talking over a cup of coffee, staff can problem-solve and think creatively. Coffee breaks encourage teamwork, boost engagement, and improve communication.

A coffee break area may be the perfect addition to your break room. With traditional brewers, you can provide coffee for team meetings. Or, choose a single-cup machine so that your staff can chat over a specialty coffee. Your team can even bond over a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea! 

2. Boosts Productivity

The afternoon slump is real! Drinking a cup of coffee can help boost energy levels. Recharging with coffee can aid productivity by keeping employees alert and active. 

Plus, keeping fresh coffee available in your Metro Detroit break room saves your staff time. Now, they won’t have to go offsite to a coffee shop to enjoy their favorite drink. Your employees can even make lattes, flat whites, or cappuccinos at the office. Now that’s a tasty cup of coffee! Healthy coffee options are also possible. Cold-brewed or black coffee are great choices for that energy boost without the extra calories. 

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3. Improves Health

Making coffee available to your Metro Detroit team is also beneficial to their health. Research has shown that drinking coffee in moderation supports heart health. Healthy coffee options are numerous. From espressos to black coffee, you can offer an array of healthy coffee choices. When your employees are healthy, they are happier. Plus, they’ll need fewer sick days. 

With an office coffee service, you can also care for your staff’s emotional well-being. How? Drinking coffee can lift your mood and help maintain a positive state of mind. Also, because coffee improves health, your staff will also experience less stress. The less stress, the better! 

Enjoy the Advantages of Healthy Coffee Service in Your Office

Are you ready to explore adding an office coffee service to your office? At American Vending, we take a customized approach. We’ll help create a great coffee station that meets your needs. If your team prefers trendy drinks, try our bean-to-cup service. Or, opt for traditional brewers ideal for serving coffee at meetings. Healthy coffee trends are also available to align with your corporate wellness plan. We’ll work with you to design your ideal coffee service. 

Take your break room to the next level with our Metro Detroit office coffee service. Call American Vending today to discuss your needs. We’ll help you choose the perfect products and equipment for your company’s coffee service. To learn more, contact us today at (248) 935-1844. We look forward to working with you!

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