Single cup office coffee solutions that will transform
any Metro Area Detroit business

Employee collaboration

With on-site convenience, your Metro Area Detroit employees will have the opportunity to collaborate amongst each other every day!

Cafe-quality coffee

Imagine your favorite local coffee shop available in your employee break room. Never worry about making an off-site coffee run again!


At American Vending, our state of the art brewing equipment features the latest in technology and provides a seamless & convenient break room experience.

Exceptional variety

From your favorite local blends to popular name brands, there is something for each of your Metro Area Detroit employees!

Bring your employees an unbeatable office coffee experience

Your Metro Area Detroit employees will love a customized single cup office coffee experience from American Vending. We will work alongside you to build a coffee solution that works for your employees and your business. From added convenience to high quality coffee, your employees will appreciate it all!

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Keurig single cup
brewing machines

Variety of different brands

Easy to navigate

Compact for counter space

Simple cleaning process

All of the coffee supplies you need, available in your break room

From creams & sugars to napkins & straws, we have what you need!

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