Importance of Water Filtration Service in Metro Detroit

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Water is such an essential part of our daily lives. So, it is important to have a water filtration service in your Metro Detroit break room. Why? For many, tap water is deemed undrinkable, which is where filtered water comes into play. Having a Metro Detroit water filtration service gives your employees access to clean water that is free of contaminants, tastes good, and is a clean, reliable source of hydration.

At American Vending, we offer several types of water filtration systems that are a great complement to our vending services and custom micro-market programs. Plus, our water filtration systems can hook up to the break room’s sink so your employees will never have to worry about drinking pure tap water again.

Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about the benefits of a water filtration service in your Metro Detroit break room!

Refreshing Taste

What’s better than great-tasting water? Great-tasting water that is refreshing and makes you feel good too. That’s exactly what employees get when you install a water filtration system! Great tasting, purified water that encourages your employees to stay hydrated. This service is a simple way to improve your employee’s break room experience.

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Improved Office Coffee

Get the best tasting Metro Detroit office coffee service with a water filtration system.  Clean drinking water will have your company’s office coffee service taste better. Plus, it’s better for you! Therefore, including a water filtration system in your office has more than one benefit.

Better for the Planet

The environmental impact alone is worth getting a Metro Detroit water filtration service. Not only does it help reduce single-use plastic bottles. It also makes your company become more sustainable with refillable bottles and creating less waste. In addition, your employees can make these healthy lifestyle choices in their everyday lives outside of work. So, it’s good for both your office and the planet!

Partner With Us for your Water Filtration Services!

Are you ready to reap all the benefits of a Metro Detroit water filtration service? Contact us at American Vending or 248-935-1844 to upgrade your office drinking water!

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