Show appreciation to your workforce by creating an inviting break area that captures the culture and spirit of your company.

Creating a sense of community is one of the most important elements of a cohesive workplace in Metro Detroit.

When employees can enjoy a cup of coffee, quick snack or lunch together, they build a much deeper bond at work. Plus, providing beverages, snacks and fresh foods are must-haves in the
break room experience.

Promote collaboration
Having a place where employees can relax and talk about their day with coworkers helps
build collaboration.

Retain quality employees
Invest in break room refreshments to retain your current employees instead of spending money to hire new talent.

Encourage work breaks
Encourage breaks so employees don’t become exhausted, stressed out or develop a negative attitude on the job.

Very few things have the power to improve company culture,
like a break room.

At American Vending, we can help elevate your company culture with everything refreshment! From gourmet coffee and trendy snacks to healthy beverages and fresh food items, our custom break room solutions offer endless options.

With advanced technology and quality snack, beverage, and fresh food items, our vending machines and micro-markets are a complement to your business. Contact us today at (248) 935-1844 or

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