Why Your Micro-Market Needs Office Coffee Service in Metro Detroit, Hamtramck, and Oak Park

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Micro-markets AND office coffee service? At first glance, they seem to be far apart in terms of break room solutions. However, that’s what makes them a powerful combo. Custom-designed on-site stores full of options go hand in hand with gourmet brews that keep staff energized. It’s why this pairing is growing more popular with Detroit, Hamtramck, and Oak Park businesses looking to enhance the employee experience.

Micro-Markets: The Step Up in Metro Detroit Vending

Micro-markets have changed workplace snacking. The open design uses racks that can be filled with a range of office snacks, from sweet to savory. A Metro Detroit micro-market will also have a glass-front cooler full of the fresh food, beverages, and grab-and-go options employees crave. This includes healthy snacks!

Being self-serve, micro-markets are always open. Your team will love the convenience. Plus, the kiosk takes the latest payment types, including mobile wallets. It’s an engaging way to shop in the office break room that will wow employees compared to traditional vending service.

The Next Level: Office Coffee Service

While micro-markets offer an array of food and drink options, office coffee can boost it even more. American Vending offers a range of office coffee service types well suited to all work settings. They include:

Traditional Equipment:

Using a coffee brewer that makes a whole pot at once is ideal for large groups. That means if your office drinks lots of coffee, this Oakpark office coffee service type is right for you. The coffee machines that American Vending places are reliable and efficient. Plus, we deliver pre-measured ground coffee that makes it easy for any of your staff to brew a pot of coffee.

Single-Cup Office Coffee Service

For those who want a more custom Hamtramck office coffee experience, try single-cup. These coffee machines brew coffee one cup at a time. That gives your team lots of flexibility. Each person gets to choose their own flavor of coffee and brew it to their desired strength and taste.

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Enjoy the Benefits of BOTH

Businesses don’t have to choose just one type of office coffee service. American Vending can create a program that offers the benefits of both coffee pots and single-cup. It’s a great way to meet the needs of everyone in the office. In addition, we offer break room supplies. Get your stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, napkins, etc. delivered along with your office coffee.

Put Micro-Market and Office Coffee Service Together Today

Office coffee service added to your micro-market is simple yet effective. One offers snacks, food, and drinks. The other gives the coffee experience your staff craves. With American Vending, you can get both. We’ll give you a refreshment solution that keeps your staff energized and engaged. That boosts productivity and spirits in your Metro Detroit, Hamtramck, and Oak Park workplace.

Reach out to American Vending at (248) 935-1844 for morale-boosting break room services in the Metro Detroit Area. Whether it’s coffee for the office or vending machine snack options, we have solutions. And you’ll get grateful employees who love their workplace.

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