Metro Detroit Area tea and water filtration

Metro Detroit Area Tea Service
that benefits both coffee drinkers
and non-coffee drinkers

Offer your non-coffee drinkers a delightful alternative to enjoy during the workday! Even those who prefer coffee can have their morning cup and still enjoy an afternoon tea to help them refocus at the end of the day. Providing an on-site tea service is a highly popular option that employees value. So why wait? Get started today and bring superior health benefits to your office with our Metro Detroit Area tea service.

Metro Detroit Area tea and office coffee solutions

Create your own custom tea bar
within your office environment

At American Vending, we offer a wide tea collection ranging from exquisite black
teas to herbal blends infused with health-enhancing ingredients that are the perfect
starting points for creating your own customized tea bar. Give your employee this
awesome perk and keep productivity soaring throughout the workday!

Transform your break room experience and enhance
employee well-being


Offer a variety of gourmet tea blends and flavors
that are sure to satisfy all tastes.


Increase employee well-being with herbal teas
that offer exceptional health benefits.


Enhance company morale with on-site convenience
and keep employees engaged and productive.


Boost employee benefits by offering this unique perk.

tea and micro-market solutions for your Metro Detroit Area office

Experience a customized tea service in Metro Detroit!
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