What is a Subsidized

A subsidized micro-market is the ultimate break room companion. Employees will have access to a variety of fresh or frozen food options, delicious snacks, and refreshing beverages. Open 24/7, a subsidized micro-market is extremely flexible and allows your business to offer discounted prices on items of your choice.

This open market retail space, which does not require any staff, will excite your employees and transform your break room into the ultimate amenity. Our self-serve kiosks accept cash, credit cards, and mobile payment options and are securely monitored to ensure a safe and swift transaction.

Metro Detroit Area subsidized self-serve micro-markets
Subsidized micro-market solutions for your Metro Detroit Area office

Stand out with the ultimate Break Room Solution


Highlight employee success, milestones, and performance within the company


Promote healthy lifestyle choices and increase employee happiness


Increase employee benefits with this cost-effective solution


Provide some items completely free to employees with a hybrid micro-market

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with American Vending

We are passionate about improving company culture, providing quality service, and utilizing the latest technology. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we can help elevate your business
with outstanding break room solutions.

Metro Detroit Area self-serve micro-markets

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