We implemented measures to guarantee
secure payment processing & loss prevention

Impress current employees and attract new talent with a
Metro Detroit Micro-Market

At American Vending, we are dedicated to providing top-notch micro-markets in the Metro Detroit Area that cater to the needs of your employees. We take pride in offering exceptional products and services while guaranteeing the safety of your assets. Our state-of-the-art video monitoring systems ensure a secure experience for your employees and help prevent theft.

Break Room Security

With our 24/7 monitoring system, you can be confident that your employees
can enjoy a secure, hassle-free shopping experience within our micro-markets.
When you partner with us, you can enjoy peace-of-mind and provide your
employees with an innovative approach to a superior break room experience!

Keep your Metro Detroit Area Micro-Market safe and secure with American Vending.
Call us at (248) 935-1844 or email us at info@americanvendingllc.com today.

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