Happy students, happy teachers
with customizable school vending machines in Metro Detroit

Enjoy the convenience of on-campus refreshments through our school vending machines in Metro Detroit. Our vending services are ideal, due to our wide selection of snack vending machines, healthy vending machines, or even food vending machines. Whether your teachers need a quick chilled coffee from the beverage vending machine or kids need an easy pick-me-up before soccer practice, you'll find we have the variety you need. Discover the perfect solution for your school refreshments today with our vending services in Metro Detroit!

Metro Detroit Area school vending machines

Delivering modern technology to vending machines
for schools in Metro Detroit

Flexible Scheduling

We can ensure items stay fresh by adjusting your deliveries, according to your school's calendar.


Our modern vending machines feature energy-efficient LED lighting to help lower energy costs.

Versatile Payments

Vending machines accept all modern payment options including, cash, credit card, and mobile wallet.

Remote Monitoring

We remotely track inventory levels to ensure your vending machines are always stocked.

vending services in Detroit Metro
school vending machine solutions for your Metro Detroit Area school

Benefits of school
vending machines


Great for last-minute, nutritional options
for teachers and kids


Easy way to keep kids and teachers
fueled on school property


Tailored vending options for your school,
ensuring everyone stays happy and healthy

Products teachers and
students will love

Your school has full control on which items can be
offered through our vending machine services in
Metro Detroit. Stock your school vending machines
with a variety of healthy snacks for kids, beverages
for keeping teachers energized, or all of the above.

vending solutions in Detroit Metro

Enhance your school vending experience with vending machines in Metro Detroit.
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