Easy Pay Options

Vending machines accept multiple cashless options, including credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile wallet.

Innovative Vending

State-of-the-art technology equipment with energy-saving LED lighting and the efficiency of wireless inventory management.

Smart Reporting

Wireless product management technology allows us to see what’s selling and what products are needed in the vending machine with real-time wireless reporting.

Our Mobile App keeps
everything on track!

Mobile App technology makes it easy and efficient for you to report service issues immediately. Simply visit the mobile-enhanced website to report your problem. We'll have a technician out right away to make sure everything is back in working order and you're well stocked. Not only is this new method easy to use, it saves time in getting your equipment back on track.

Touchless Vending Options equipped with advanced technology

Our wireless product management system by Cantaloupe yields a better customer experience with cashless payment options. Simplifying the payment process for a touchless break room experience.

Vending machine technology in the Metro Detroit Area

Build a better break room experience with the latest technology from American Vending at
(248) 935-1844 or info@americanvendingllc.com

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