Our smart inventory technology ensures your favorite snack is always in stock.

vending technology

Here at American Vending, we manage our inventory levels with an advanced cloud-based system.

This allows us to maximize our customer’s break room experience with real-time sales reports.

Supplying Metro Detroit businesses with
cutting-edge refreshment solutions

Metro Detroit Area smart vending technology

Route Scheduling

We plan services based on current and future product sales trends. This helps us avoid unnecessary trips to and from the warehouse.

Smart vending technology in Metro Detroit Area
Vending technology in Metro Detroit Area


With on-demand inventory analysis, we know what each vending machine needs before leaving the warehouse.

Metro Detroit Area smart vending technology


With continuous machine health monitoring, we can quickly identify and resolve any malfunctions for uninterrupted service.

Metro Detroit Area smart vending inventory
Smart inventory in Metro Detroit Area businesses

Safe & Secure

Enjoy a seamless self-checkout experience with our remotely monitored and secure micro-market kiosk.

Enhance your Metro Detroit vending services with modern solutions from American Vending at (248) 935-1844 or info@americanvendingllc.com

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