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Looking for a cost-effective way to increase production and morale in your office in Oak Park? We have you covered at American Vending! We offer full-service vending and office coffee services including water filtration systems for Oak Park businesses.

How can your Oak Park vending machine service improve employee morale or productivity in your Oak Park business? By providing beverages, snacks, and food to keep them satisfied and focused on the job. This way your employees do not have to leave the office to visit the local fast-food chain, convenience store, or coffee house for their refreshment needs.

Oak Park businesses can enjoy the large selection of name brand products that are available through our vending service program. Everything from healthy foods, beverages, and snacks to candy, sport drinks and fruit juices are conveniently dispensed by our modern, dependable and energy efficient vending machines. You choose the products and vending equipment to best meet your specific needs in Oak Park, and our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide you through the process. Looking to add a micro-market to your Oak Park location? No problem, we can build a custom program for you. Either way, your employees will have the products they know and love right at the workplace!

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Fit for Oak Park

Brew a better experience when you let American Vending handle your Oak Park office coffee services. We offer name brand coffee as well as local favorites – you just let us know what you want! Our state-of-the-art brewing equipment is also available such as the single cup brewing systems from Flavia or Keurig. Your Oak Park break room shelves will be consistently stocked with products such as cups, plates, napkins, utensils, paper towels and of course creamers and sweeteners ready for your use any shift and at any hour. Wasted trips to the local coffee shop will be a thing of the past you will experience in your Oak Park office!

Having quality water to drink or make a great cup of coffee with is a must. American Vending offers water filtration systems in Oak Park that can be installed into your current water source to change that tap water into something that can be enjoyed!

vending service and micro-markets in Oak Park

Oak Park Businesses Can Get Their Micro-Markets From Us

The ultimate in break room convenience is a Micro-market – and it’s available from American Vending for any Oak Park business. We can install a mini convenience store right onsite at your Oak Park office filled with hundreds of snacks, foods and beverages displayed in attractive coolers and racks, and custom fit to your unique Oak Park break room space. Your employees will appreciate the convenience to simply walk in, select the items they want, scan their choices at the self-service kiosks to pay for them. There’s no need for any employees to manage the store because it manages itself. And this allows your Redford micro-market to stay open around the clock, catering to any employee whether they come in at 5:00 a.m. each day or work on the weekend.

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